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battery and trans????

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so i disconnected the battery and when i put it back on and drove the car... i noticed that when i went from auto to manual via the shifter... it would stay in the same gear that i was in in auto... before the battery disconnect... i could go from auto to manual and it would put me in fifth gear... its not doing that anymore... is this right:confused: has anyone noticed this?? any help would be great..
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mine stays in the gear that i was in when i switch
that is normal to me
makes sense too
Same here. Mine switches to the gear I was in.
it's normal to stay in the same gear before and after you change.
when I'm on the freeway going 80... I'm in 8th gear... if i switch from auto to manual via the shifter it would go from 8th to 5th automatically... now switching from auto to manual it stays in the same gear... i have over 5000 miles on my car and it never did that before i disconnected the battery... i guess i'll have to go to the deal to test drive a new one... thanks for the help
What speed are you going when you're doing this? The transmission computer will downshift to the lowest gear appropriate to the speed you're going. So if you're in regular AUTO mode, and you downshift via paddle shift, it will downshift to whatever gear is safe to go down to.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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