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Baseline Dyno

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Well, the poweraxel guys were in Toronto this weekend working on tunes for the Genesis Coupe club and they encouraged me to put the F on the dyno for entertainment. :)

Since the shop owner was a good a guy, I'll probably have the headers installed here and dyno'd again after install. One thing we noticed was the F was pulling timing on consecutive runs, losing about 10HP off the top end. The dyno results below show a good run without the ECU interfering.

Dyno Results

Has anyone noticed the pedal feels like it has a second switch after 90% of its travel? It takes a bit more force to depress.
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I've noticed the "extra" push in the pedal a while back as well. If you look on the floorboard behind the gas pedal there is a spring loaded stopper there. Not sure why it is there, or exactly what its purpose is. I just assumed it was so I don't push the pedal through the firewall.
Ah, right. I could be crazy, but in sport+auto, the gearbox only seems to immediately drop gears when that stopper is hit. Otherwise it seems to WOT and hold onto higher gears.
I never noticed that. I'll have to do some playin and see if I have the same results as you. I did wonder if it was something more.

Can't wait to see the dyno results after your headers are installed.
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