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are you drunk?

I have a 35% tint on my back window, but I don't think that having the tint is the cause of my issue.

I have also noticed this on a stock RX350 with factory color back window, instead of the tint.

Does anyone else notice this issue:

When driving, and looking in the rear view mirror, or trying to get someone to look out the back window, I see more lights that I should be seeing. It looks like instead of the 2 lights from a car's headlights behind you, it looks like 6 lights. The two main lights are the headlights, and then a little reflection light above and below each headlight. You can see it also in the day time, but it is much more noticable at night.

I think this might be a Lexus design issue with their redefroster and not restricted to just the F?

Just kidding....No I have not had that problem least while I am sober:) I have never noticed that. I'll look tonight when I am out driving around and try to see what you ar seeing.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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