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Hello ISF'ers,

I've just finished the two day high performance driving school by Skip Barber at Laguna Seca. Since its release, they've had an exclusive deal to use the IS-F. Coming from several high performance German cars, I was extremely impressed with the F. The sound is incredible and while I didn't love it on the AutoX course, it was incredible on the track (I could downshift all day). There aren't too many test drives that end up breaking 100mph and flying down the Corkscrew.

I drive a highly modified A4 2.0T, but my pops is thinking of replacing his Jag XJR with the F. So what should we look for heading to the dealer? And once it's in the garage, how do I make it go, stop, and turn faster?

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to learn and contribute here in the community.
Welcome! I had an opportunity to drive the IS F before it's public release at Laguna Seca several times. It sure is a fun car on the big track.

As for what to what you're looking for, the car is going to be a rare find if you're in CA. Some dealerships have a few in stock. You are going to find a typical Mark Levinson and Navigation packaged car with a sticker price under $62k. As for making it go, stop and turn faster, you can add an intake and exhaust, upgrade the brake pads or brakes all together and add larger wheels/tires like any other car out there.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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