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As far as I know, Lexus does not have a plan to produce IS-F in AWD. They do not have any AWD drive train that can withstand the tourque and it will be too much investment to make IS-F into AWD when you consider the market. Lexus came out with IS-F as a statement to younger consumers to show Lexus is not just about smooth and quite ride. From the study, Lexus found out their customers average age(40's) on IS series was far more older than BMW 3 series customer average age(30's) and felt like they needed to do something to attract younger buyers to keep expand their customer base. Lexus is not going to profit from IS-F's sale since it's very limited in production. Lexus is just hoping to break even with IS-F and hoping IS-F will bring more sales in IS-250 and IS-350.
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