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Automatic vs manual transmission...whats your take?

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After reading all the reviews of the ISF the one thing that seems to be the "drawback" is the lack of a manual transmission. I test drove a 2010 M3 with a manual double clutch tranny and it was weird. I have grown up with other cars being manual and they were fine, but not performance vehicles either. For a daily driver, a manual is annoying. Stop and go traffic is the worst and if you really want to go through the gears fast, then a manual is not as efficient.

I for one liked the fact that the ISF came with an automatic. I drive the car like a normal person 90% of the time anyway. Besides the shifting is lightning fast! Much faster than I could ever do with a manual any day! One thing I was not aware of was the 8 speed part of the auto. I appreciate the 8 gears since it greatly contributes to the better gas mileage for this beast of an engine.

I just find it funny that all the "experts" would prefer a manual tranny over the faster and more sophisticated system that the ISF has. How come you don't hear the same complaints when they review the exotics? Lambo's and Ferrari's have a similar setup with fake exhaust tips too! It just seems to be a bunch of haters out there drinking on the haterade because they don't want to accept that Lexus has finally done something outstanding in the performance car world, and took the lead by implementing the better transmission. It wont be long before BMW and Audi do the same in their cars.
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BMW already went the 8 speed route. They complained and now adopted it. Seems they finally figured out the 2 extra gears were for mileage and not performsnce. Its funny to hear all the poor press but others are adopting the Lexus designs. Look at the 750's exhaust tips now lol looks like the LS460 dontcha think. It will always be this way as the so called purists think NOTHING is built like a German car. They will be swayed but it will just take some time. Go look for threads on the direct port injection that the Beemers and VW as well as Audi use and you will see how screwed up the German pieces really are.
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