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Ask your water meth questions here by devilsown

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Everyone knows that water injection is great for making more power on supercharged/turbocharged apps. But there are still miss information out there. I am here to help.

Some common questions about water methanol injection can be found here. Devilsown water injection FAQ

Here is another good source of information. Devilsown Methanol Alcohol Water Injection

Where to mount your nozzle? What size nozzle to run?

So ask away.
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^^ Where don't you post?! ;)

FWIW, I don't know this guy personally. I DID though use his pump and misc parts on a functioning meth kit on my STi. It worked great!
If you see somewhere i don't post let me know :)

glade you had good luck with our parts. I you even need anything again let me know.
I just want to let everyone know i am here to answer all your water methanol injection questions. This really helps make more power on forced induction applications.

Benefits Of Water-Methanol Injection:

* Increase horsepower safely by 10-15%
* Lower air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees
* Increases octane when you need it under boost.
* Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 300+ degrees
* No wear issues only clean combustion chambers
* Allows you to safely run more boost and timing
Is water and meth injection the solution to stop the gulf oil spill?
well methanol is being used to keep things from frezzing down there.

I was reading on line where they are trying to sell the crude that has a higher methanol content
Any other water alcohol injection questions?
I'm looking for the rpm cable to connect the signal of the methanol kit. Do you know where can i attach the cable? I have the Mitchell wiring diagram but i can't identify the cable from the ECU.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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