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Hey Guys there is a thread on this stuff over on CL but I didn't see anything here and the F probably has the biggest brake dust problem of all (unless you've switched from OEM brake pads). Here's a copy of the post I put over on CL:

welp, I think this stuff works OK...It's not great but what I do like besides a little less dust is it puts a nice shine on the rims. Like most of you I"m not big armor all fan but I wax my wheels about once a month or every other month and if you apply this after wax I don't see how it could hurt the wheel finish.

Now, that said I don't think I'll use this after the rebate expires. Right now you can get it for about less than $2 after rebate.

Wheel protectant rebate (must buy another AA product along with the WP):

$2 off AA coupon (can be used on both AA products along with rebate-$4 total savings):

Example of my purchase: $7.99 (WP) + $3.79 (AA Tire Foam) - $2 coupon - $2 coupon - $7.99 rebate (possibly only $5.99 rebate if they notice I used a $2 coupon). So best case scenario I make $.21 on the deal, worse case I've only paid $1.79 plus tax for both products.

As far as the tire foam I know it probably contains petroleum distillates since it's a AA product but our tires probably aren't going to last long enough for it to matter.

At the after rebate price it's definitely worth a try (I already got my rebate for the first bottle I bought so it's a legit rebate).

Here's a pic of my wheel just for fun:
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