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Are you on Facebook? Got any pics of you and your vehicle?

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If you're on Facebook, we invite you to put up a picture of you and your car/truck/cycle etc. in our brand new group.

We started a fun group aimed at getting as many pictures of different cars/trucks/cycles/ etc. and their owners as we can.
It's like a cyber car,truck,cycle etc. show.

We will give creative prizes and stuff periodically and also feature the pictures in some of our cool videos just for fun.

Facebook is a great place to show and share cool stuff like that and we hope you go ahead and post your pictures in our group.

We'll keep you posted on the progress.
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Quick update on the I am Ahwooga Group page on Facebook.
Almost 480 members and over 350 photos so far.
Cool people with cool cars.
Well the response to the I AM AHWOOGA FaceBook group has been great.

598 members, 497 pictures...pretty cool.

We put together a quick slideshow of some of the uploaded pictures. You might see your car...if not, there's more to come.

Here's the video:

You can go here and join the group if you're on FaceBook:

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As Mr. Pebbers showed us in I Am AHWOOGA Episode 1, there are few things cooler than your pet and your car together in a picture.

Now, we have some more cars to go into Episode 3 and we are ready to build but we thought it would be great to feature pets and cars (or trucks, bikes, boats etc. as the case may be.)

If you have a picture of your pet(s) with your car, post them up. We will collect them through next Wednesday (June 2nd) at Midnight.

This is your chance to get your mother's Jack Russell and your Harley Davidson Sportster together. You can finally get your cat and your Camaro to bond and we will put every picture submitted in the video. Share this with your friends.

On your mark...get set...go!



Team Ahwooga
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The I AM Ahwooga Episode 3 video is up!

We had a great time with this one. A lot more random vehicles with a "Pet" feature.

Thanks to everyone who has uploaded pictures to the group. It really is cool to see the diversity and then share a slideshow.

We tried to get everyone we had missed before in it. If you have posted a pic but haven't seen your vehicle in a video yet, please post a message on the group page and we will make sure you get in the next one.

We will be posting the next theme soon so get your cameras ready.

Thank you all so much for participating, we are honored.
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