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Apple CarPlay Retrofit

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A year ago, I purchased Carlinkit 3.0 for my wife's Mercedes. It is an adapter adapter from China that converts wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay, and has been working very well for 1 year. This left a deep impression on me.
Lexus before 2019 didn't have CarPlay, so the only way to solve this is to add the CarPlay module.A month ago, I read a lot of materials and installation videos. It includes a large number of negative reviews. Therefore, I sent the merchant all a set of clarification questions to ensure everything would work as I wanted and if they said yes and it turned out not to, I would be covered for a return/refund.
I chose free shipping and received it in just one week, which exceeded my expectations.
I followed this video from BeatSonic to dismantle my dash and remove the stereo, screen and glovebox:
The installation was very fast compared to the video and took about 3 hours to complete.
Just pair it like a normal Bluetooth connection and then CarPlay takes over via Wifi and BT is free'd up again.
OEM infotainment works as normal. If you press and hold 'menu' it enters the carplay screen. The module actually has many other solutions. It also supports Android Auto and there is a breakout harness to allow for HDMI, front camera, USB etc etc. All of those can be controlled and setup on the screen you switch to when you hold down menu.This is the one I ordered:
This is my installation result. A few pictures provided below.

I hope my experience can be helpful to everyone. If you have anything to know, you can communicate with me below.
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