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Apparel and Accessories

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Has anyone seen any apparel and/or accessories starting to trickle into the dealerships that are "F" exclusive? I assume it might take a while as the number of cars delivered thus far is still very low.
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I picked up a fairly cool IS-F t-shirt off ebay a couple weeks ago. Looked like it was sent to me by a Lexus dealer, though.

I'm sure more will be coming soon. Sure hope so! I'd love a golf polo with a cool IS-F logo on it.

make sure you do not get the junk watch :)
That Lexus IS-F shirt you got on E-bay is more than likely from us! Is it black with a blue IS-F on the back? If it is than, it is 100% from us.JM Lexus is the sole distributor of them.They're nice and also a HOT item here so if anyone wants one go on E-bay or call us and order them over the phone, we can ship them to you.The phone # is 1-800-565-3987 then ask for the boutique dept.
Smoke the t-shirt vendor,

Yeah, I believe my t-shirt came from you. Good quality shirt and looks sharp. Hope you left me positive eBay feedback!!! (user: nuts4rush)
Unfortunately my man I have nothing to do with Ebay,I just know that Jm is the ONLY place that has them.I posted their phone # in an earlier thread.I got one too and it's a good quality t-shirt--it's what you'd expect from Lexus.
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