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Apex Driving Academy at MSR Cressen TX

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Hey folks, I am heading to Cressen Texas to go through the Apex driving Academy this Saturday February 25th 2012. Its a High Speed driving instruction school and they use the Motor Sports ranch outside of Ft. Worth. I am in the novice class this go round but hopefully should be able to transition to intermediate and advanced in short order. I have never been on a road course and this one is 1.7 miles. I will have some videos of my F being thrashed :eek: so stay tuned.
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Here is a video from my ISF from this past Saturday at Motorsport Ranch at the Apex Driving Academy. Had a blast and wore a set of tires out.
Thanks for sharing that. Looks like a lot of fun!

Interesting to see that John Holmes is now a race car instructor, after all those porn video's.

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