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Anyone with an IS-F in RI or MA want to meetup sometime?

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Well I've had my IS-F since March. I was the first person to buy an IS-F at Inskip in RI. I still haven't seen another IS-F on the road yet and was seeing if anyone else on this board was interested in perhaps meeting up in RI and cruising down to Newport RI. Hope to see more IS-F's on the road!
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I really wonder how many IS-F's there are on the road in New England. I feel like I'm just 1 of a few IS-F's in the area. Even going from RI to NJ I did not see any other IS-F's on the road other than when I went to the Lexus dealership down in Bridgewater, NJ.
I'm in Stamford, CT and I picked up my IS-F in April (the 1st around Fairfield County) and I heard there was another IS-F sold around the Hartford area.
Congrats on your IS-F!
This is a rare car, so you won't see a lot of them. Just a suggestion: you guys should start a club in your area:cool:
What color did you get?
The same as yours, blk/blk. I just need to bring the car to get a better waxing job, the dude that did it left some spider rings.
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