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Anyone test drive the C63?

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I bought my F back in late July, I was looking at the Lexus and the Benz, the wife can't drive a stick. I live in the NYC metro area, and while I was able to test drive the F with ease, I could not find a C63 to test in all of the local NY,NJ, & CT dealerships. I was not going to spend 60k+ on a car without driving it first, so the decision was easy. I could not be happier, but I am curious if anyone hear drove the C63 and what they thought...
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I tried to do this too. Every MB dealer I talked to was an asshole about it. They want you to buy the car on special order, sight unseen. No one seems to stock them in the PacNW.
Same here in St. Louis. I lucked out and got to sit in (and hear!) one in person. It is a cool car and sounds incredible. As much as I hate to admit it, I think it sounds better than my F:eek: I totally agree with not buying a $60k car without driving it first. It is crazy. I guess if you are wealthy enough to consider $60k pocket change, than maybe it is a different story.

They were going to let me drive it, but I didn't really want that particular car and felt bad putting miles on it if I wasn't serious. I'm glad in the end that I went with my F because it is a lot more practical and doesn't give much up in performance.

I had a BMW for a while and getting it serviced was always an expensive nightmare. It was looking like the same deal with the local Mercedes dealers here too :mad:

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
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I did the same thing as well, here in NW canada I tried to test drive the c63 as well but the MB dealer was being a dickhead about it...My friend and I went to go check it out and it took MB's sales people a long time to notice us..Here we both sitting there myself being 31 yrs old being interested in the c63 but MB thinks we are just punk kids who want a free drive(it's because both my friend and I are asian and asians look young).. So in the end I chose the F over it and I'm happy with it and Lexus's service is better then MB's overall.
Sorry to hear you all have ahole MB dealers around you. I was fortunate enough to drive two C63 AMG. One about six months before I made my decion and one the weekend I bought my F. The first time I drove the C63 my wife and I were highly impressed. I can still remember going hard into a corner and the MB double down shifting for engine brake and control. I was so impressed. We actually made an offer on it, but they did not except it. Fast forward six months and we drove the M3, C63 the F. Hands down the F is a much better all around car. Luxury and fast. The C63 when compared side by side did not live up to the memories once we drove the F. By the way the standard Porsche turbo is no match for the F either. I dusted a friend in his lastnight.

Sorry to hear you had such jerks at local dealerships. Here in L.A., I had no problem going to the local dealership and test driving (pretty hard, too) the CLK 63 AMG Black series car. My personaly feeling is that any dealership that has the attitude that you have to drop $60+ K BEFORE you can drive the car is not worth my business.

I hope you're able to locate a better dealer soon...this car is not so exclusive that you should not be able to drive it first. Very, very few cars are, IMHO.

Enjoy that F!
As most of you stated, I was also unable to test drive one. I've had horrible experiences with the local MB dealers but decided i'd give them one last try. They had one on the floor but wouldn't let me test drive it. I wasn't too impressed with the interior, it just didn't do it for me but the exterior was good looking though. I saw and heard my first one on the road yesterday and it did sound pretty sweet. I'm happy with my choice in the F though :cool:
I think I have posted this story before, but it is quite fitting for this thread. I was a Merc driver for the past 6 years (clk430 and E500), and had an appointment to go drive the C63 as I thought it would be my next ride. I stoped by the Lexus dealer as I was running early, and never made it to my appointment....drove off the lot that afternoon with the F and have never looked back.
i had a similar exp with the 2 mb dealers in my area in may both didnt any c63s but were willing to take adeposit! fast foward to november now they both have a lot full of them!! went 2 see them and couldnt get out man there realy willing too sell.the c63 looks too much like the reg c class. but 1 hell of an engine,gobs of power!
Your bad experiences are blessings in disguise! Thank God you got the IS-F! ;)
I was the first one at the dealership to test drive a silver on silver 09 in Oct 08. It was fully loaded even with nitrogen tires and listed at slightly over $70,000. It had good power (450 HP) and a good sounding exhaust. I had a trade and made an offer that equated to $5,000 off the sticker and they would not accept. Then I found a black on black one and they would deal, but I did not want that color, so I found an ISF and have not looked back.
Heck, the local Lexus dealer wouldn't let me test drive the IS F they had in stock. I'm with you: no way I'm spending 60k without a test drive.

I wound up going to a dealer 30 miles away, who were happy to let me drive it and the 350.

The local Mercedes dealer didn't have any C63s or any new Cs at all when I was looking (April 2008). They did let us drive a CLK55, which was fun. Kind of boat-like, though. I'd hate to have one of those on a road course, but it might be a good commuter car.
I raced one Friday night after coming back from watch Fast N Furious..Does that count?
I test drove a c63 in Edmonton Alberta. It was fast, handled and sounded great but the ride was much stiffer than my ISF and I think the benz will be more expensive to maintain
I started one inside the showroom, and smoked it up!!made lots of noise until another salesman came running. Does this count?
The white car behind me is a C63, it's there for a reason. he he. Once I'm in fornt of him at the track there was no way he could pass me.
LOL! I guess there's no reason to test drive one then.
My friend bought this C63 recently... I went for a drive on it.. Its very nice and car was awesome...
Yes I drove a C63, with jazzed up sports package and 20inch wheels and a mechanical rear differential. It is a good car more powerful in straight line, no way near the balance of an ISF in the turns. The looks inside are real cheapo. The speakers in the front door are round and looks like honda civic I owned in my student days. I drove all the cars from Turbo to M3 to you name it. ISF stands out. The only thing better you could go is when you can get the marquee of a Ferrari.
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