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Anyone lease their ISF??

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I need help some help from the F owner
did any one lease thier car? and what's the deal now for leasing the ISF?

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The "deal" will depend upon your specifics. What mileage do you drive each year? How long do you wish to lease for? Do you want to just pay for the inception fees up front, or put more money down to lower your payment?

Leasing is customized for you, so specifics are needed for your dealer to best assist you, and money factors(like interest rates to calculate leases), change from month to month. Last month's lease may not be the same as this month's.

Get with your dealer, and good luck!
Like Adam said, leasing depends on a lot of factors.

To maybe help you out a little more, where are you located?

I'm sure at least some off us are from around your area or know of the dealerships to which you should visit over others, maybe even who to talk to. You could always PM one of the venders on here to see if they can help you with what your looking for :cool:
I originally leased my vehicle, thinking I'd re-up and get a new one in 2011. Who knows if they'll still produce them was one of my main thoughts. After realizing what a sick car it is and looking over the financial decisions, i chose to get a loan from my credit union after 3weeks with the car. I saved over 15k had I made every scheduled payment and then paid it off. I think as a prospective buyer you have more leverage to work a deal as opposed as a prospective leaser. Im also in the LA area. If you have any 'deal-specific' questions I'd be happy to answer them....
Generally, I feel that leases screw you over and you'll pay more in the long run, unless you can write off your car payments as a business expense, or you REALLY love to drive new cars every 3-4 years and don't mind paying for it :D
Lexus doesn't appear to be offering any lease rate deals, so in some cases with zero down you might have a better payment by financing the car over 60 months etc. Of course if you have no intention on keeping the car more than a typical 3 year lease, the lease may still be the way to go.
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