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Anyone interested in a Stroker kit?

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I have had a few people interested in the possibility of a stroker kit for the ISF. Well over the past few days I have looked into it and I think we can do it! The kit would be available in stock bore and larger. As far as competing with the 5axis car. I think the 100mm is a possibility but for sure only by sleeving the block. Which will add another cost to the kit. The basic kit for stock bore will be around $6500. This DOES NOT include Install. If I can get more people interested I can get an even better price. Now if we wanna get into the 5.8L kit like the 5axis is suppose to have we are looking in the $8500 range. Again not including install. I hate to say it but it would be AWSOME!! Just not the cheapest...
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what kind of power do you think each kit will yield and also better response?
I honestly think with all supporting mods that we could make 500whp. But that would be a big bill...
shit if splats car made 402 with stock internals and a few bolt ons, without the headers, i dont think hitting 500 with a stroker would be too far fetched.
I think it would be great, but I thought because the engine is sleeved, this would be a risky job or very difficult.
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