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Any track regulars out here

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I am looking to take my F to the track. Was wondering if the stock car can b e taken as-is.
Also, what sort of mods(non-performance) would you do to a car before you take it to a track. Some of my concerns are around tires\wheels or any exterior related changes.
I am also looking to mount my cancorder inside.

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You should be able to track it in stock form. That's what I am planning to do at the next SCCA Performance Driving Experience in my area...
Stock form is a lot of fun for those for are novice on the road course. Personally, I need a little more grip...already chewed up my left front tire after 2 sessions at Summit Point!!!

Regardless, make sure your tire pressures are set correctly and learn how to carve corners!
Thanks fellas..i am a novice to the track for sure.
Do you guys take videos and post it online?
How much does it cost to get track time, do y'all have annual memberships?
Take a look at my posting here.

Ya might find it useful.
I am a track noob too, but after some time researching, it seemed the best (translate=cheapest) way was to join SCCA ($85 I think for national + local membership). That gives you access to the PDE I mentioned above where you can get some preliminary training on the track for $95 (or free if you want to work a corner).

You will be required to have some type of training before they will let you on the track. If you just show up for a lapping day (at my local track around $150), you will need to be trained before they will let you out there.

Again, I have not done any of this yet, but that's what I have learned so far. Try Googling, going to your local track web site, or checking out the SCCA web site. I also found Trackpedia to be pretty helpful. See the following link specifically:
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What track are you looking to go to kingpreetham?
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