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any one take isf on track or autocross

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hi i was qurious any one spent any time on track or auto cross with their isf yet? im dieing to do both but am but mines too new 3weeks... i was really into :) autocross till i started going to limerock doing 125 in my modded wrx was ablast but now our isfs are so powerful im a little hesatent .ithink ill have to learn all over again.
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It is a blast on the track! I think a few laps in and you will be comfortable, as the car is easy to drive fast. It seems to read your mind and go where you want it to. The brakes don't seem to fade, so you can rely on them. Drive smoothly, and you should have a ton of fun.
I planning to autocross on July 17th. I'm a little nervous, but really looking forward to it at the same time.
dont sweat autox

autox is a low speed event theirs no way to get hurt you might run over a few cones thats it!!! its more about control i wonder how our 3817lb cars will do? i plan on trying later in the year, my olny worry is roasting my tires and cooking my brakes
sTILL waiting on any takers for Sacramento raceway....Going next Wed..have sum mods finally :)

You will not cook your brakes. That I can tell you because there were 3 ISFs and 1 IS350 with all the F Sport mods at the Lexus Performance Driving Academy last weekend in Atlanta. About 70 of us ran those cars through the autocross at least 5 times each for a total of over 350 trips through the autocross circuit. Not one had any fade nor could you smell scorched disk pads.
Well I went to my first auto-cross last night. It was a blast. For a total rookie I was pretty happy with my times. The winner, in a tweaked vette with racing slicks, came in at 66.1
A Lotus Elise was second at 66.2 and then a Z06 at 68.0
I was 4th at 68.5 ahead of another Z06 and another older vette. There was 11 cars racing - everything from Civics to older RX-7's and 60's MG. Just a really great time. There is usually a new M3 there but he couldn't make it last night. It would have been nice to see how I stacked up there. I was also the only 4 Dr Sedan!
Apparently it's a good idea to increase tire pressure for this type of driving, I had no idea. Hopefully next time I can beat another vette!
Here are a few pictures from the autocross. Nothing too exciting - much more fun to be driving!

The ess in the middle of the straight was a lot of fun at speed.
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After 3 Years Of Auto X I Year I Came In 2nd In My Class Running Snow Tires I Still Have Resavations About The Isf On Auto X Maybe Because The Car Wt Is Close To 4000 Lbs Or Mabye Its Just Too New!4 Weeks Old 300 Miles. I Have Shown Up At 2 Events But Felt Compelled Not To Join Dont Know Why I Feelthat Way
I'm curious on how our cars will do on the road course. All of my previous cars were beat up pretty bad after a weekend event. I may wait a couple more years before the F goes out...or maybe sooner! :)
Since I purchased the F my son and I have decided to see if we can find an pre 1999 M3 and build it up to race. The trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Lexus Performance Academy really got us interested. Will drive the F on the MSR track here in Houston, but only in "Test and Tune" mode. To pretty to take a chance on banging it up.
Since I purchased the F my son and I have decided to see if we can find an pre 1999 M3 and build it up to race.
Not sure how much you want to spend, but here is a 95 M3 already setup to race. Owned by someone I used to work with.
E36 M3s are great track cars. I ran my '99 M3 for 4 years at Summit Point Raceway (WV) and it's one of the easiest cars to drive fast. There are a bunch of clean ones out there...g'luck!
all m3s are good track cars. i have an e46 and used to have an e30, and have driven my friends e36 m3 numerous times.. they are made to run on the track. esp if you go with square setup tires.

have a set of SSR comps 18x9.5 that i run 265 Pilot sport cups all the way around. mmmmm goodness.
I've driven the Lexus IS-F @ Laguna Seca Raceway several times, and at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the Lexus Performance Driving Academy, in both coned/timed and infield track sessions. I've also taken it down the 1/4 Mile at Auto Club Dragway behind the Speedway in Fontana. :D

The IS-F is a little heavy to toss around in an Auto-X setting, but loads of fun on a big track like Laguna Seca.
The IS-F is a blast at the track !! It's perfect for someone that is looking just do do it once in a while and not worry about beating it up too bad. And as long you leave the VSC on, you should be fine. The Lexus still lets you push it to it's limits, and will even beep at you when you have gone too far and letting you know it's kicking in to save you and the car.
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