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There are a few people on here who have it done and from what I've read about their perceptions, they like it. Hopefully one of them will chime in to your question.

I think the reason why many more people don't have it is because of what Fig said, when you get it, you have to solder some wires to change the A/F ratio with the open intake (as opposed to the box that is stock). I'm sure it's an awesome intake, I'm just not big into soldering wires for one.

I would venture to say most of us are waiting until after SEMA to see what other intakes come out on the market. I know there is more info on here about an Artisian (I believe the spelling might be incorrect) cold air box as well as a Joe-Z intake tube.

As for exhaust, SRT makes one as well. There is also the Joe-Z exhaust that will be available in the middle of november from Again, after SEMA, we should see a few more on the market, such as Greddy and Artesian (hopefully).

Hope this helps out a bit and welcome to the site :cool:
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