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Any good intake systems for ISF?

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Hi been surfing around for some performance mods for the IS F and came across the Swift Racing Technology(SRT) intake. Before it was 799.00 for the intake system but now I've noticed it dropped to 599.00 in price. Anyone have any experiences with this intake mod? Also how does it sound and can it actually gain 20 rwhp, 20 lbs of tq?

Also looking into a good exhaust with good gains. Any suggestions?


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price looks like it dropped due to fact that it must be wired in. Not very attractive. The gains come from conditioning the MAF signal. Not the intake design IMO. After looking at the stock system there are few restrictions except the filter itself.

There are a few people on here who have it done and from what I've read about their perceptions, they like it. Hopefully one of them will chime in to your question.

I think the reason why many more people don't have it is because of what Fig said, when you get it, you have to solder some wires to change the A/F ratio with the open intake (as opposed to the box that is stock). I'm sure it's an awesome intake, I'm just not big into soldering wires for one.

I would venture to say most of us are waiting until after SEMA to see what other intakes come out on the market. I know there is more info on here about an Artisian (I believe the spelling might be incorrect) cold air box as well as a Joe-Z intake tube.

As for exhaust, SRT makes one as well. There is also the Joe-Z exhaust that will be available in the middle of november from Again, after SEMA, we should see a few more on the market, such as Greddy and Artesian (hopefully).

Hope this helps out a bit and welcome to the site :cool:
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