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Another option for Track Setup Wheels/Tires

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I know SCCAForums has posted his winning track day setup on CL (and I believe on here as well), which was Enkie PF01's in 18x9.5 size with +45 offsets and 275/30/18 Hoosier R6's or Khumo 710's.... However I just wasn't a fan of the look of the PF01's (especially in the more available silver color)... SO my exhaustive search led me to the TSW Interlago wheels reccomended by a local specialty aftermarket wheel, etc. shop. I ended up getting 18x9.5 wheels with +40 offsets and Nitto NT01 tires in size 275/35/18's.
So I had my new track setup installed about two weeks ago and man I LOVE IT!... I love the look/performance so much I haven't even put on my OEM wheels with the Michelin PSS's back on yet.... LOL I ordered some black center caps, but the silver ones are starting to grow on me.... so I may not use them.....
Fitment is great but tight up front... No rubbing but very close at full lock, so will have to see if it rubs on the fender wells when I'm lowered next year a bit on coilovers.... But this is definitely another option for those who don't like the look of the Enkei PF01's. I originally wanted some Enkei RSM9's, but the unsure fitment and prolonged wait times when ordering (6 weeks +/-) and if they didn't fit, they were still mine... :( , helped change my mind.
The shop scratched up some of the $200 Rays aluminum lugs that I bought though.... Is there a way to avoid that?
I can't say enough about the difference in grip between these tires and the Michelin PSS's... but what do you expect comparing them to an R-compound tire.. I can hardly wait to get this setup to the track! (4 more days!) Will be installing Fig's Upper control arms and bushings ASAP... to help get more negative camber, etc.
Here's some pics for your enjoyment....


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one final pic


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