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Hi everyone
Just thought I'd join up too as there is alot of discussion on ISF's here and not so much on the Australian Forum (lots on IS250's etc but not ISF's). Mine is 08 ISF and just to point out the exclusiveness of the ISF here in Perth Western Australia, we have one Lexus dealer who tells me there is less than 10 in Perth (population of Perth is 1.7 million).
I know of only one other who is a mate of mine I deal with at work (which is why I got it after I saw his).
Anyway, its graphite in colour, stock except I put on a Borla axle back exhaust. Great sounding exhaust, just how I like it. Only other items I am considering is Joe Z intake and reusable air filter (K&N or similar).
One thing I am wondering is what options can you get in the states. I read on here that someone had tyre pressure monitors. We don't have it on ours as the only option we had was to delete the sunroof (cost saving) - which I didn't do. I thought ours was fully optioned....
Anway, thanks for a great site.
Welcome mate,

Im Also in Australia, Sydney . Ive got a Blue 08 ISF, which is also a rare sight even on Sydneys roads.

Most of the peoples here like there HSVs, or BMWs. I can vouch for the JoeZ intake and Toms drop in Filter being a worthwhile mod. ive got both and im very happy with how my car performs.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy ur stay .!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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