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Hello Everyone,

I am new this this nice site and look forward to learn more about the upcoming Lexus IS-F. The IS-F is on my shopping list for high performance luxury sports sedan. My father has a '04 Lexus GS430 that he purchased brand new. I am the one that does car shopping for my family and after working with Benz, BMW, Acura, and Infiniti, our Lexus dealer was the best to work with IMO.:) I purchased my '07 Saleen S281-SC Mustang back in February but has the itch to get another car. Just have to be careful on my spending since I want to purchase another investment property lol.

On my shopping lists there are only 2 cars, the Lexus IS-F and the upcoming BMW M3 sedan with M-DCT tranny. I have been on the wait list for the M3 from the past few months. If pricing for a loaded model is $68K plus than I will drop off. Our dealership internet/fleet manager said pricing for the IS-F will be $50K+ and I feel it will be a good deal.

Last I got a chance to ride in my ex's IS250 and was surprised how it felt. The ride quality was firm, but not harsh and really sporty. This is how I like my cars. Much different than my father's GS430. So I am sure the IS-F will be a blast to drive.:) Not sure if I will lease or purchase the IS-F or M3, but have over a year to decide, since I will be buying the 2nd model year of either car.

Hope I did not bore all of you with my first post.

I look forward to the feedback and review when you get your Lexus IS-F.

Take Care,
Welcome to the community. Feel free to roam around :cool:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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