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Hello everyone...Just picked up an '08 Smokey granite mica, fully loaded. I don't post a whole lot, mostly lurked and educated myself over the last several that I actually pulled the trigger and have one, will post up a bit more as I get familiar with the car and feel I have something to add...this forum and Club Lexus have been a wealth of knowledge...

After I get a little more seat time, I'll post up some of my impressions. Just to give you some background, I've owned some American muscle over the yrs so really like V8's and the torque they produce....this car seems so refined, yet reminds me of those cars, just 10x better....def. a nice step up. This seems like a really friendly board compared to some of the others I've been on so look forward to getting to know everyone...:)

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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