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Another new guy from Tucson

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My name is Lemorris and I'm a team member at I'm the graphics guy/code guy/video guy/welcome people guy/fire put-ter outter guy and on occasion the lunch go getter guy. I'm really excited about Ahwooga becoming a part of this forum. I hope to share some cool stuff from time to time and just learn and have some fun.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Anchorage, Alaska....I know, right?

Lets see...College in Missouri, art school in Tucson, Navy in San Diego, unused bowflex in my parents garage.

In my spare time I enjoy automotive illustration and tinkering with my 58 vw euro rag daily driver.

I think that's it for now...I will hop in and share stuff as I can.

Thanks for having us.

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Welcome aboard man! Sounds like you have quite the job title with ahwooga. Glad to have ya'll aboard :cool:
hey thanks.

You should see my name badge.
Welcome to the site Shipmate! Funny shat...bowflex....I got the Total Gym 1000 bracing my garage wall (correction, shoring up my gear locker's bulkhead).

looks like the Navy taught us both something about working out. :)
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