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Alpine Two tone seat treatment

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Anyone with close pics of the interior - Alpine Two tone seat treatment??

I need to finalize the details of the order this week and I am on the fence.

I think I might pass on that seat - two tone combo and go with the black interior with dark blue stiching.

Pics and feedback appreciated.

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There are A LOT of pics of my Ultrasonic Blue with Alpine White/Black interior IS-F on this forum :

The White/Black interior looks amazing, and classy too.

Everyone likes it, and it is much more different than the simple Black/Blue stitching.

Also, it is not too difficult to keep clean.
Nice car! The first one that I drove was that color, and it is the one to get!:cool:
Thanks for the pics. Car looking good.

Order is in, I am more than happy to go with the simple black/blue stiching.
Yep, the perforations in the Black seats actually are blue. Look at them closely in the light you will see what I mean.;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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