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All Black Everything F

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Here are the pictures of my F. And sorry im NOT lying about the collection but i only have pictures of our garage and cars on my IPHONE, these pics of my F were done by my buddy and sent to me VIA facebook. Ill have pics of the other cars up soon but anyways let me know what u think....

These are DPE wheels, you guys should check them out they built GREAT Wheels!!!

All the parts were bought through SPP, Supreme power they are a great shop located in placentia California, my buddy Eric owns the shop I reccomend going through him for ANY parts you guys need for your F!!!

2008 ISF black with full Ventross kit (front lip, diffuser and the full carbon trunk I had custom painted so it black but fades at the top so only that part is carbon) Eibach springs, DPE 19' ST-7 wheels matte black face with gloss black lips, inside of my headlights painted black, TINT, K&N intake, HID fogs, painted emblems and grills!! lemme know what u think


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That looks great! Is that white interior I see? Awesome. The only thing I would do is black out the window trim. I did that on mine and I think it really added to the 'blacked out' look. Great Job!
not a bad lookin ride.
Very nice. I like the carbon fibre rear diffuser, very nice.
These Wheels are actually for SALE if anyone is interested, I want to get 20 inch monoblocks!!!!
The ISF looks so good murdered out! Great job on the mods.
hey were did you get that lip and rear carbon fiber thing
Wow, that's cool! Sinister, even.
Have you thought about somehow blacking out the chrome window treatments? That appears to be the last non-black component on your car.
What are you going to do next?
WOW, that is almost exactly what I did...!!! Very nice though
Looking good on the all black theme!

How's your ventross kit fitment? Heard they are a little off...? :confused:
bad ass F! haven't seen it on Club Lexus forums, just posted it there :)
Do you have any better pics of the rear diffuser?
Where did you get that black front grille? I want to get rid of that chrome on the front.

Grill and badges are custom painted. Yes the wheels are still for sale, will give a great price with tires
Grill and badges are custom painted. Yes the wheels are still for sale, will give a great price with tires
I would like to do the same (custom painted). Did you do it yourself? If so, can you post how?

THank you,
There are certain cars that can pull off having black wheels, it's certainly not for every car. I was surprised at how good it looked on your car, very well done!

1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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