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Alignment question

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Hi all, I went to get my alignment done and the readings showed a negative camber and something to do with the caster. The technicians told me they could do nothing about it and it can't be adjusted. The problem is my car is pulling to the right strongly. Please give me advice on what to do. Is there anything called electronic alignment??:confused:
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check this thread

it should be cover under warranty for the repair. i am gettin it done currently to my car as well. also tryin to recover money from the alignment since they aren't suppose to charge me for it cuz the car is under 12k miles.
thanks for the info man but my car isnt under warranty in my country because it's imported and I didn't purchase it from the local lexus dealer!! i know its crazy but what to do!

Now the issue is that my car's VIN number ends with 4523 and I believe this one should have no problem with the brackets. My question is, how can I adjust the camber, caster on my car?? The car is pulling to the right excessively and it's really bad and annoying. When I took it to my dealer they said they don't know! All other lexus cars have the adjustment.

Any thoughts?
well there are part numbers listed. u will need to buy those and have someone install it. i think that is probably ur only option at this moment. 350 for parts plus shipping then labor should come out to be around 500 or more depending where ur located.

Finally got my baby back today! Wow I really missed the F. First thing I did driving back home on the freeway onramp was to floor it. :D Oh how I missed the power. Wheel spin galore but the TC put an end to that haha.

Anyway, the tire is plugged and the updated parts are in and the car tracks straight now. The parts are listed as "Bracket Sub-Assy" 48075-53020 & 48075-53030. The job would have cost ~$350 outside of warranty.
The camber is "fixed" in this car and I believe the caster can only be adjusted via the brackets. From what I have heard the brackets come in several sizes and the mechanic choose the correct ones to get the caster dialed in correctly. Essentially the only way to adjust these things are with shims.

Good luck.
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