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Alignment Problem

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Hello everyone! I recently bought new Continental DWS front tires that measures 245/35/19. The car pulled a little to the right with the old tires but I waited to align the wheels until I bought the new tires. I went to American Tire Depot for the alignment and they found that a link in the suspension system (I don't remember what it's called) caused the problem, but they couldn't fix it since they didn't have the part that was needed. So they suggested that I take it to the dealership. So I went to the dealership and they tried to figure out what caused the problem by realigning the wheels and reinstalling the tires. In the end, the pull still exists and the dealership blamed it on the new tires and will not entertain what American Tire Depot's findings until I replace the tires with the stock size. Any thoughts?
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Yep, they are FOS. I'm running 245/35/19s in front with no issues or wear problems. My tires are Continental DW. Take it to another dealer and report this dealer to Lexus Corporate.

Thanks Lou. They're probably getting back at me for not buying the tires from them. I'll take it somewhere else.
Wonder what their excuse would be when the stock tire does the same thing. I have 245's in front and it has a slight pull to the right just like it did with the stock size. An alignment did not help.
Any word on this one? Lexus is known to have some alignment issues and dialing in the front end is typically the challenge.
Well... I am also experiencing same problem. Could anyone provide solution to me as well??
You should Check the air pressure on all four tires, making sure to inflate them to the recommended pressure.
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