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Albuquerque Lexus

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Anyone considering a new vehicle should contact Jimmy Daniels, the Internet Sales Manager at Albuquerque NM Lexus. I ended up getting my 2011 through my credit union buying service just because I've been with them for decades, but in the course of the research I did, I corresponded with him. He was very forthright and offered to be competitive with deal I came up with elsewhere. He also offered to deliver the new vehicle to my door and I'm 5 hours away.
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They are good with the pricing. They have a 2011 Pearl White. I already got them down to 49K.

I'm not buying it because of the white interior, but they seem very reasonable.
How can i get in touch with Jimmy...plz share with us his contact number or email address...
You make some excellent points. In fact, you sound a lot like me bro. I actually told my wife that same thing about waiting. I said, I've waited this long so I might as well wait to get exactly what I want. I will NOT settle...that's for damn sure.
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