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Thanks for your interest/help Figs!
The dyno tech and I both wondered if the sniffer was inaccurate-
2 factors have led me to research this-
1- WHP reading's were 329/330/326 (3 runs are in order)with minimal cooldown in between (that is about the lowest numbers I have seen on any of the dyno numbers posted) Temp= 90 degrees, 20% humidity on Dynojet, 93 octane(no E85 blend)
2- The tech actually pressing the pedal to the floor said the car felt "held back" or "sluggish" durring WOT; and this was before I even questioned the AFR.

I'm anal about my car(s), So I wanna make sure she is runnig like our friends at Toyota and Yamaha mean for her too.
I better check mine, I also got 336.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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