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Aiming headlights

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Hey Guys,

Just picked up my F, and the headlights are noticeably lower than in my Audi's. I have searched both here and on CL to no avail on how to adjust these lights properly. I saw that there are sensors front and rear to adjust the level, however I also saw that this did not always help, and there was confusion as to which sensor to adjust. I'm kinda nervous to start tearing the headlights out, as there looks to be alot of plastic clips holding down all the covers in the engine bay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: the plastic clips are actually pretty nice to work with. I noticed an adjustment cog near the top of the headlight on the projector side. however upon playing with the cog there was no movement in the lights. I am going to try the rear AFS adjustment beam tomorrow, but it seems as though my drivers side cutoff is much lower than the passengers.
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adjusted the ADS sensors more aggressively... AKA moved it right to the bottom and it seems to be nearly perfect. you dont need to remove the wheel or jack up the vehicle to get at it, just use a 10mm socket and a long extension and you can get at it from your back.
It seems you're doing a great job. It would be nice to see some pics :)
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