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Aftermarket Stereo

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Wondering if anyone has put an aftermarket stereo in their is-f. I soundly think that stock is not as good ML or not. Did you have an isf with ML and replace it? Did you just add a sub? Problems, pics....anybody?
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Doug, I have had a few customer's use the JL Audio Cleansweep peice in their cars. One just added a aftermarket sub and amp, the other replaced everything but the nav system/screen itself.

Either case, i would strongly recommend finding a shop that know's what they are doing, no offense to Best Buy or CC, but I don't want wires T-Tapped like they love to due there. I'd recommend Tweeter, but I just found out they are going belly up...

Hope this helps
I haven't put one in the F yet but have owned two show cars with insane sound systems. :) It depends on what your looking for with the system. Are you looking for some more bump? Are you wanting an all around better sound? Are you wanting it to be louder? If your looking for all of those, I would recommend having everything replaced from the highs, mids, lows to the amp and sub (whether you simply replace or do a custom setup is up to you).

If your looking for a cleaner sound, I would say replace all the speakers with some high end ones (JL, Focal, etc.) and not with cheaper ones (obviously, its going to be worse). If you want some added volume, replace the amp. and more bump, the sub.

I would definitely talk to some Sacramento locals and do a search online to find out what car shop is reputable for sound work where you are. Lexus' systems can be a major pain in the a if a company doesn't know what they're doing. Like Andy said, find a shop that knows what their doing. If your going to have someone messing around with the wiring in the car, you need to have comfort knowing that they won't mess it up and it'll work perfectly once you get it back until you sell it :cool:
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You mean these cars have stereos?!? Damn I've been listening to the engine and loving it:cool:
You mean these cars have stereos?!? Damn I've been listening to the engine and loving it:cool:
Love the way you think!!!!:D
I did a complete system in my personal vehicle where I put MB Quart Q Series in the front and rear, run on a JL Audio 450/4, a 13W7 in a slot ported box with a JL Audio 1000/1 running that, a 15 farat cap to stabalize the voltage, and 10 boxes of the Dynamat Bulk kits !!! yes, I did say 10 boxes. It's was all installed in my Ford Explorer, and it was one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard. I won several awards for SQ and SPL.

It's hard for me to leave factory alone now-a-days, but I recently pulled the system out of the truck and went back to stock. My wife was tired of having an SUV that had no space for anything but passengers'. I had the 3rd row seat removed, and of course no "trunk" space left....
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