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Aftermarket seats anyone?

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Has anyone put aftermarket seats into their ISF/2IS yet? I went to a track day and was practically rolling out of my seat. I want to put in something more supportive. The only problem is that I can't find any seat mounts. Would i have to get a custom seat mount made or is one readily available?
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How funny I think the seats are probably too supportive.... I can't imagine rolling out of those side bolsters.
Are you that skinny to roll out of your seat?
haha, i was exaggerating a bit on the rolling out of seats bit. but i'd still like something more supportive.
Henry, I would guess that you will have to do a custom install in the IS-F as far as bracketry. Here is a friend of mine that can help you with a seat. Talk to Louis and tell him Doug Greenup sent you! I don't know if Momo has a bracket for the F yet, I doubt it. I have made brackets for race seats more than once. It would be nice if you could have a race seat that you could bolt in on Friday before the event. I haven't looked, but typically there are only 4 10 mm head bolts holding seat tracks to the floor of most all cars.
i had an auto cross on the 5th it will b my 2nd season in the f and i feel good in the seats totaly supported, havent been 2 the track in my f yet but am going 5 11 188 to me the seats are great
just duct tape or bungie cord yourself securely to the seat! jk

you will definitely have to go with custom brackets. try wedge engineering.
I'm very happy with my CGLocks. Go look up <>. I have this in my F and my Evo and it does wonders in keeping you in place. The lap belt locks. Keep it as tight as possible and it stays there holding your body in place too.
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