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Aftermarket Car Alarm ISF

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Sorry if this was posted already, but I could not locate a post pertaining to this topic. Anyway...has anyone managed to install an aftermarket alarm like Viper of Clifford on their ISF with remote start? I know with this method, another key fob must be carried at all times. Please let me know if anyone has done it and if so what type? I am currently looking for an aftermarket alarm with remote start. Please share and thanks in advance!

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I would think the remote start technology has caught up enough with keyless stats that just about any big name brand you go with should work just fine. The bigger question is the shop where you get it installed up to speed? I know a couple years ago when I looked into this it was still a bit iffy on how well it would work, but as more and more cars are offering push button starters I would assume things have been worked out. I did a search and didn't come up with any brand names that people on here are using. I would suggest checking at your local install shop and see what they reccomend and be sure to ask how much experience they have with Lexus setups like ours.

Post your findings for sure though. I might venture back into this realm myself before long.
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