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Aftermarket audio

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Has anyone upgraded their audio system yet? More specifically I'm thinking of adding a subwoofer for more thump as the stock system (non ML) sounds rather anemic to me.

Does any company make a custom enclosure for our cars or and I going to need to get one built or get something off the shelf? I'm contemplating maybe just installing an infinity basslink as a simple solution.

Where would be a good place to tap the signal? Does the non ML system have an amp and if so where is it located?
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Those Basslinks are not worth it... I'm not a big fan of loud subwoofers, but if you are looking for something of very high sound quality, check out or They are both very efficient, and much better than the mainstream Best Buy garbage (although Alpines are decent, they don't compare to the sound quality of either of the above mentioned brands)

Please don't buy their SPL subwoofers. I thought I was cool when I was 16 and put their beefy SPL subs in my car with a huge ported enclosure... I must have looked like a real jerk off, not to mention I rattled my own rearview mirror off several times. (not in my IS-F, in a Jeep Grand Cherokee)

I'm guessing the ML sub doesn't get much wattage to it, so if you can match the ohms with an efficient sub, you should be good to go... I'm not sure about the enclosure though. The ML sub has a terrible bl curve, but the rest of the system is veryyyy nice.
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I have the non ML system. I used to have Infinity perfects and alpine type R's in my G35 and my brother has 2 Orion HCCA 10's in his Z that are nuts but I'm not wanting to go too crazy just something that will give it a little extra zing, I was looking at the powered sub packages because they are pretty small and I dont have to worry about buying a sub amp and box.
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