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AFS Button On Dash Flashing

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Has anyone ever gotten this error. I just had my car dropped with the Tein springs and had new fog lightbulbs installed, and when I got the car back, this light was flashing. Any ideas on how to fix it? Going to bring it to the dealer early this week to see what the issue is.
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look it up on this forum. the problem is whoever installed the springs, moved the ride height sensor so now its reading wrong. it should be an easy fix.
Exactly what Doublexl said. This happened to mine when I put a rear sway bar on it. If that sensor gets knocked just a little bit it won't function properly. Take it back to lexus and do not tell them it happened after the coilovers were installed. Just tell them it stated happening all of a sudden so they will fix it for free.
Thanks so much for the helpful info Doublexl and saved me a lot of hassle!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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