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accident with my isf

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accident with my isf :)

before ...

after ...


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Wow. Did something swipe the front end or did you hit it head on?
Hope you are OK? Soooo sorry about the car.
OUCH!!! That sucks. Can you give any details? I hope everyone is alright.
Hope everyone is alright it looks like a hard hit.
Its like looking at a human with his face shot off!
Every body is fine .. The accedint happend that i enterd under tandra trd
Every body is fine .. The accedint happend that i enterd under tandra trd
Glad to hear everybodys is fine. I bet the truck didn't get too much damage
Sorry for your loss but lucky everybody is fine. you are safe.....

im guessing a write off?
Holy crap that is a brutal wreck. Luckily you were driving a safe car and came out ok.

Wow, what a shame. Glad everyone was okay.
the fact that you are posting pictures.....we know you are all right..... thank god.
thats a baaaaad accident.
thnx god every thing is fine i didnt even get a scratch .. thnx all :)
I had an accident few weeks ago but the damage is not as bad as you had. I'm sorry...
OMG you completely destroyed the car.. Glad to hear that you are fine.. but the car is seriously just become a metal ball from front side. Anyhow hope insurance company will cover all the expenses.. good luck
perfect time to get a new face lift with some aftermarket body panels
Wow. Hope no one was hurt
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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