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acceleration with sikky headers

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How much faster a car became after installing headers? ( sikky) My best result 0-100 km/h was 4.74 by G-tech ( 0-60 ml/h 4.48 ) only with Joe Z exhaust.
Can IS-F with Joez exhaust, sikky and some intake be faster than M5?
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Don't want to start a war here, but I'm Curious as to why you're only asking about Sikky and not PPE:confused: I can't answer the acceleration question but I can answer the Dynamometer question. Search my posts and you'll find it.

I know that headers will give about 50 hp. I read about sikky and ppe headers. sikky give more hp that is why I think that sikky is better
Again, not to start a war, but you are wrong. The Sikky's were measured by JE performance on a dynapak Dyno, that IMHO, shows optimistic numbers. Two Members, one being myself, have tested Sikky and PPE on DynoJet and the numbers are comparable. Again, IMHO, the workmanship is better on the PPEs than the Sikkys.


What headers are you running?
Sikky claims 50hp but you guys should know by know to knock off about 15-20 hp off these numbers. I pull hard compared to my buddy who is running stock headers on his 10 isf but he does have true borla dual and intake.

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