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acceleration issue

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Everytime I accelerate moderately hard (not flooring it) from stop, the car seems to fishtail a bit. My tires are stock size PS2, plenty of tread left, only 2years old. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Is the stock size too narrow to handle the torque and power? Could it be an alignment problem?
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It has enough torque to do that but hasn't happened to me unless I am in Sport Mode. Is it doing it regularly?
I notice it breaking loose and the ABS catches it pretty quick. This happens when its hot hot hot like it is right now in Texas. Do you see the little fishtail symbol light up on the dash when its doing this?
I was in normal mode when this happened. I have not used sports mode too much for my daily commute. Just too much traffic so can't go that quickly and it probably wastes gas.
The ABS does catch it quickly but it's a bit annoying. Strangely there was no tire spin but feels like the rear gets a tad greasy and slips a bit. Perhaps this is normal with all RWD cars. I am thinking if switching to 275-30-19 rear tires will help. Has anyone tried Bridgestone RE11 or Nitto NT05, both have less void in the tread pattern than PS2 so should help with the launch, at least in the dry.
This is common with most RWD cars that we've tested (especially those with a limited-slip diff) - new tires should cure the problem temporarily but as they start to wear, it'll become increasingly more noticeable. The good news is the electronics are catching it, which means there isn't anything wrong with your car. Try having this problem in a Dodge Viper (no stability control) on a public street - yikes!
Try having this problem in a Dodge Viper (no stability control) on a public street - yikes!
AMEN LOL!!!:eek:
Do all IS-F's have a LSD?
I thought only the 2010+ had it, if I am wrong please point me in the right direction but I have been really wondering if I was right or wrong.
The 08 (and 09 I believe) have an electronic LSD that is part of the stability control system.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
So you are talking about the TCS then.
But the 2010+ do have a mechanical LSD, anyone know if this is true?
The mechanical LSD has been available from the 2010 model.
For 08 and 09 it was emulated by the electronics as stated by Jeff Taylor
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