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ABT Audi R8

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Don't know if you all have seen this ABT-tune Audi R8, but it looks really sinister. Has stacked exhaust somewhat similar to the F. Me likey :cool:

08 Smoky Granite IS-F
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Wow, that's great. The R8 is already fantastic. A body kit that improves the appearance, what a novelty!
Normally I'm heavily against cars with body kits but this car doesn't look like its got a body kit rather as if it's all stock..Very nice!!
Although I was expecting better 0-60 timer since it's pumping out 600 Hps..
I mean R8 runs the same engine as the Gallardo..
Ab sol ut ely Go rg eo us !!!
very sick looking creation. If only I had the time and resources, I would love to add a little evil to the F as well. working on it one brick at a time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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