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Hey there.
I just bought my IS-F today, so I'll answer these from that bias. :)

I am about to jump on a 2008 Lexus IS-F!

My first questions are:

1. is it possible to retrofit the $500 backup camera into the car ? is it a easy DIY ?? or does it require significant rewiring and harness building????
- I have no idea. I'm assuming the car doesn't have Nav/ML? I'm not good at personally modding my stuff unless I'm very familiar with it and have experience.
2. are there are problems/concerns between the 09 and 08 i should be aware of that may make the difference between one and the other?
- cosmetic changes on the interior from what i remember reading. I got an 08, I deemed them not worth the premium for the same thing.

3. lastly, any "watch outs" to look for when shopping?

the dealer just told me he had one for my color for $50k flat here in socal.

Can I do better?
Sounds like a decent price. If that's what they quoted you, there is still probably some more room for negotiating then. Depends how aggressive you want to be and how much you want the car. :)
It's nearly midnight, and I think I'm going to go take it for a spin ...

Sleep on it. I did, and bought it the next day.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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