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Hello , I bought an ecu chip tunning called CARPROG Comprehensive V4.01 from this webpage eaby, they delivered this tool fairly fast, and I get it after 3 days upon payment. When I received it, and tested it on my car or truck or truck FORD Airbag Reset, all operates ideal, which makes me extremely satisfied about this web page.

One day, when I pay a visit to my uncle, he is checking his vehicles complications and receiving worried about servicing charges, I told my sensible knowledge soon after which he asked me to buy a BDM FRAME for him. In truth I usually do not know what exactly is it, but I put the essential execute in , what a surprise! I discover it. Checking the description it can be generated from premium top quality plexiglass and may use on BDM100 programmer. I purchased the BDM FRAME with Adapters for my uncle, he also received it following 3 days, and he mentioned it truly is what he wanted. He looks extremely happy, so do I.

So hoping this understanding will help you who would like to discover the BDM FRAME FGTECH. .
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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