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a little off topic but still cool

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My SC 300 that has been transformed into a supercar is done. I'm going down later today to go pick up. I'll post some pics later. It's not going to be the fastest car by any means but it is going to be a monster.
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Very cool...can't wait to see it!
Looking forward to seeing pictures of it! The SC is iconic.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of it! The SC is iconic.
Yes it is. I had a '93 SC300 with a 5MT. I finally got rid of it in '03. I still miss it. It was a great car.

They truely are great cars. My sc is one of the reasons why I bought my ISF. I'm going to take a few pics of both cars and post them either tomorrow or friday if it stops raining.
Sweet! I can't wait to see it.

Still raining and it looks like its going to be till the weekend. I actually picked it up today in the rain which was a bummer but oh well. I eased into the throttle and by the time it would reach right around 3,800 when the boost hits real hard it would just kick sideways and start to spin. I have a feeling shes gonna be pretty quick. It looks nice in the garage with the F. Although it does makes the F's tires seem really small in the rear. I have 295's on the SC.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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