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A Lexus IS F police car?!?!?!

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The United Kingdom's venerable Autocar magazine has been on something of a roll lately when it comes to Lexus-centric news. Just a few days after two Lexus hybrid stories that were the focus of <A HREF="">our previous Front Page story</A> comes word that England's Humberside Police Force, which throughout this decade has developed an on-again, off-again reputation as the <A HREF="">Blunderside Police Farce</A> has decided to replace at least one of its aging Roads Crime Section (RCS) Subaru Impreza STis with a Lexus IS F.

<A HREF="">The Autocar story</A> quotes Sergeant Mike Peck as saying, “The purchase of the vehicle was far from an easy decision and involved research and advice from the force fleet manager, financial managers and a vehicle dynamics expert. The Lexus was tested during a 12-month period, along with similar vehicles, and proved itself to be ideally suited in providing a dynamically safe high-performance chassis along with an electronically stable platform for the computer equipment. In the past this equipment has placed huge demands on vehicles, but the Lexus IS-F easily met with our requirements." Meeting their requirements also involved adding £30,000 worth (US$49,489) of on-board computers and communications equipment for use by the police, an eye-popping figure that almost equals the IS F's selling price in the U.S.

This is certainly one Lexus IS F you don't want to see looming in your rearview mirror...

Our thanks to sister site my.IS member wlk20 for bringing this story to our attention in <A HREF="">a thread in their IS F Forum.</A>
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