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A collection of custom rims for Lexus models at CARiD

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Hi everyone,

Lexus is not just a car brand - it is the bench mark of the whole automotive world, so it deserves only the best accessories.
Today we would like to talk about Lexani rims, as this brand definitely deserves to complement premium Lexus models.

With over a decade of experience, Lexani develops, designs and manufactures the most alluring and strong custom wheels ever. The company provides dozens of high-end designs and finishes, and we've gathered all of them under one roof. Whether you need a charming black rim or a captivating chrome wheel or anything in between, we have all the options. Lexani offers sizes that satisfy even the most discerning aficionados.

These rims are available in various configurations to provide a perfect fitment.

CARiD is the authorized dealer of Lexani, check the whole list of Lexani rims available for your Lexus and look up prices on the following page:

Lexani Wheels & Rims from an Authorized Dealer CARiD

Our wheel experts will guide you through the process of getting the right wheels for your car, and make sure they fit properly.

What do you think, which wheel model is the best for your Lexus?
* Please post your options in the comments below.
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I'm not sure about Jaguar but LSS-10 Black-Machined is awesome.
CARiD and Lexani wish you a happy st.Valentines day!

It is a very special holiday and a lot of us are carefully picking gifts for the people we love.
Except for a present for your beloved, it may be a good time to think about a gift for your favorite car, as a nice set of wheels on it will bring you a tone of positive emotions in the upcoming season.

The full selection of Lexani wheels is available for you at CARiD.
Click on the banner below to view the full list of Lexani rims.

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The spring is coming and a lot of us think about getting some good looking wheels for our cars.

If Lexani wheels that were posted earlier in this thread, do not entirely satisfy your taste, you might want to check out the Avant Garde wheels.
They are more elegant and refined, which would make them look at home on any modern Lexus.

Specializing in European and Japanese performance and luxury sedans, coupes and outright sports cars, they've captured a European flair and have wheels that fit the style of their high-end fitments perfectly.

Click on the banner below to view the full list of Avant Garde rims, select size for your model and check price:

And our questions is the same:

What do you think, which wheel model is the best for your car?

* Please post your options in the comments below!
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What's up everyone,

today we would like to make an announcement. Custom CONCAVO rims are now available at CARiD store! Even if you are not familiar with this brand, it's name tells you exactly what rims do they make. Their key style is the deep concave rims, that become more and more popular today.

The guys at CONCAVO can provide a rim to justify any fitment requirements. Available bolt patterns range from 5 x 108 up to 5 x 139.7 and offsets from +15 up to +50. It means that you can easily get a desired setup for your car.

Check details, sizes and prices on by clicking on the banner below.

What do you think, which wheel model is the best for your car?

* Please post your options in the comments below!
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Hi everyone!

If you were thinking about getting some hot rims for the new season - we have good news for you! A new coupon code is now available for all forum members on Avant Garde rims at CARiD. Redeem this coupon code to get a 5% discount on all Avant Garde wheels.


* Click on the banner to view the full list of Avant Garde rims

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We continue showcasing the best aftermarket wheel brands from CARiD.
Today we would like to talk about Niche wheels. The popularity of this brand grows day by day thanks to the modern design and high quality.
They offer cast, forged, 2piece and 3 piece rims. Another feature that makes these wheels attractive is the price.

You will find stylish lightweight wheels with genuine design starting from 128$ per each. Depending on the size and the rim type (cast, forged or multipiece) prices grow up to few thousand per wheel that will be hard enough to withstand the everyday abuse of high performance sport cars like BMW M, Mercedes AMG, Lexus F, Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari.

Here you will find both classic step lip (deep dish) rims, modern deep concave and the combination of both styles.
Custom finish option is available for extra cost.

View the full list of Niche rims, and check prices by clicking on a banner below.

* If you want to see the rims on your car you can use our visual wheel configurator!

What do you guys think about the Niche wheels?
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The Vellano company always has something up their sleeves, this time those guys came up with the sharp concave custom cut wheels installed on the new high-performance Lexus RC F.

Will you dare to see what this beast can do on those super sharp wheels?

If you want to add the same aggressiveness to your ride, find them on our web-site and see if they fit on your model:
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The biggest sale from Vossen already started! Do not miss your chance to buy a set of four (4) VOSSEN wheels with up to $400 OFF.

Vossen have something for everyone. Hurry up! This offer is valid through October 2, 2015.
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Black Friday Week Special! Buy a set of Avant Garde M550 or Ruger Five wheels and SAVE up to $500.
Do not hesitate and make your purchase! Prices already reduced. This offer is valid through November 28, 2015.

Choose the wheels for your car here: Avant Garde | Wheels & Rims from an Authorized Dealer -

Here are the pictures of the wheels that apply for this offer:


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If you are looking to get a decent set of rims for your car check out one of our best selling wheel brands 2Crave.
These wheels are designed for premium class vehicles and come mostly in Black or Chrome finishes.
Multispoke or classic 5 spoke rims look exceptionally well in combination with step lip or deep concave shape.

2 Crave makes wheels in various sizes from 15" and up to giant 30".

Check out the full section of 2 Craver wheels at CARiD by clicking on the banner below:

Which model would you choose for your car?

Let me know if you need a quote and don't forget to provide your shipping zip and email!
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