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I've been noticing an interesting "feature" of my F's air conditioning. Earlier in the year where outside temps were all over the map, if I had used my a/c in a couple of days, it would take a minute or two for the air to start coming out cool.

Yesterday, even though my air has been on every day, it took about 2 minutes for any cool air to start coming out of the vents. Even then it was only slightly cool. It probably took another 5 minutes or so before I got what I would consider "normal" cold air coming out.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I'm thinking I may need to take it into the dealer and have them check it out.


08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F

i think your system is a bit sluggish. maybe you can put a thermometer at vent and plot temperatures vs minutes to show your dealer. your dealer should have specs on how quickly your AC should cool.

i am in central california. the temperature reached 96 degrees today and even after the car sat outside for an hour, cool air came out within a minute.
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