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9500ix Hardwire w/cheap blend mount

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I see that a couple forum members have 9500ix's like myself so I figured I'd show my DIY set-up. With links to write-ups I used.

Here's what my set-up looks like and my blend mount was FREE.

So I CANNOT justify spending $90+ on a blend mount. Yes it is nice and well crafted but it's not $90 worth of aluminum and R&D on the product was not extensive. If the blend mount were in the $~40 range, I'd strongly consider it. I was going to build my own out of aluminum and what not but after searching the web I realized I was getting carried away. There's a really simple and cheap alternative. It took me all of 5 min's to put together.


My recommendations: I used a M8 allen bolt. It was the perfect diameter and threaded right into the plastic so I didn't need a backing nut. Also, the diameter of the mirror stem is a good bit smaller than that of the clamp. I used a piece of rubber from a inner tube of a worn out bike tire I had that I trimed down and folded over to get a snug fit. I also made a small rubber washer to go between the bolt and the metal of the mount.

For the hardwire, I was very tempted to purchase the blend mount hardwire kit. However yet again. I couldn't spend $15 plus shipping on what is basically a phone cord. I took an old phone cord snipped off about 9" and stripped it back. I stripped about 10mm of the individual wires and folded them over and then soldered them. There you have it my home made "invisa-cord"! From there on use this guide to wire it in:

There you have it. A (almost) completely free hardwire and blend mount set-up.
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It's not spliced it's actually just piggy backed. You just slide the wires down into the harness and make contact that way. Works flawless and no splice needed!

I have the 9500ci sitting in my garage waiting for install I just need to find good mounting points and get a weekend free and I'll install it.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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