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9500ix Hardwire w/cheap blend mount

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I see that a couple forum members have 9500ix's like myself so I figured I'd show my DIY set-up. With links to write-ups I used.

Here's what my set-up looks like and my blend mount was FREE.

So I CANNOT justify spending $90+ on a blend mount. Yes it is nice and well crafted but it's not $90 worth of aluminum and R&D on the product was not extensive. If the blend mount were in the $~40 range, I'd strongly consider it. I was going to build my own out of aluminum and what not but after searching the web I realized I was getting carried away. There's a really simple and cheap alternative. It took me all of 5 min's to put together.


My recommendations: I used a M8 allen bolt. It was the perfect diameter and threaded right into the plastic so I didn't need a backing nut. Also, the diameter of the mirror stem is a good bit smaller than that of the clamp. I used a piece of rubber from a inner tube of a worn out bike tire I had that I trimed down and folded over to get a snug fit. I also made a small rubber washer to go between the bolt and the metal of the mount.

For the hardwire, I was very tempted to purchase the blend mount hardwire kit. However yet again. I couldn't spend $15 plus shipping on what is basically a phone cord. I took an old phone cord snipped off about 9" and stripped it back. I stripped about 10mm of the individual wires and folded them over and then soldered them. There you have it my home made "invisa-cord"! From there on use this guide to wire it in:

There you have it. A (almost) completely free hardwire and blend mount set-up.
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Nice install, I personally prefer to hardwire into the fusebox and avoid splicing any factory wiring.

May want to start thinking about protection from laser..... ;)
Did you just buy the 9500ci? If so, and it's possible to return it, you might think about doing that and getting the Beltronics STIR PLUS. Instead. It has MUCH better performance at a similar price..... Read about it on :)
I would go with the Valentine 1 personally, and something else for laser. ;)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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