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87 turbo supra for sale

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Hey guys and girls I have an 87 turbo supra for sale. Just a heads up this car is not street legal and it is a project car. I have about 15 grand put into it including a rebuilt motor by a guy who builds nhra dragsters. Aem stand alone, tein drifting coilovers....there are way to many moods to list. I would like 6 grand for the whole thing or best offer. If you would like all the info on the car please pm me or email at [email protected]

p.s. on only 13 pounds of boost she is fully boosted at 2500 hundred rpm with 330 at the wheels and 400 ftlb of torque.
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forgot to mention it is a 5 speed with a targa top
Post some pics and location. I know you said it, but a detailed mod list would be nice for selling as people will want to know, I know I do. Thanks.
I live in howard county maryland (near baltimore) the car needs to be trailered. Motor has about 250 miles on it. JE pistons, new valves, valve springs, hks headgasket, arp headstuds, greedy blow off, electronic greedy boost controller, brand new factory turbo (250 miles), all new hoses and lines, AEM standalone (tuned by JE import performance, famous drift shop in baltimore), 440cc injectors, bigger fuel pump (can't rememeber the flow off hand but its more than enough), stainless brakes lines, new crossdrilled rotors and high performance brake pads, Tein coilovers (drifting version), suspension technique sway bars, hks downpipe, custom 3" exhaust from downpipe (no cat) made by JE. TRD stage 2 clutch. Tranny has been redone about 1,000 miles ago. I honestly may have left off a few things but the car does need some love. It has an eletrical issue but the motor will start and run fine. I have a kid on the way now and I don't want to let the F go. I'm actually not home so I can't post pics. The body is in decent shape but it has not been painted yet so still grey. Honestly the best part is the motor. Its solid for 500 hp. if the rods are replaced its good for 800. Let me know. Thanks.
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Thats too far for me as I'm in NM, would be interested if you were closer though. GL.
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